Leading Edge Mentoring takes a stand for accountable, value-added organizational leadership:
  • Policy Governance clients successfully implement and sustain owner-accountable governance.
  • Strategic planning clients are aligned and follow a realistic and innovative path of organizational development.
  • Educational curriculum clients offer a meaningful, relevant learning process that takes their members to an elevated level of leadership competence.
The Leading Edge Mentoring mission is to make a difference in the impact of client organizations on civil society and within professions and industries. LEM provides tools and processes to enhance leadership and accountability at the Board, CEO and Senior Management levels. The end result is to shift the success measurements from activity results to real impacts that advance the cause of the organization.

Leading Edge Mentoring is a sought after resource, hired to shepherd an effective change process in individuals and organizations through motivating, mentoring, and monitoring people and their accountability to a process.

The values and principles upon which LEM services are provided are based on win/win relationships with clients where both parties are invested in the vision of success, meaningful change, and the cause of personal and organizational leadership. We will hold true to the values of win/win in terms of work to be done and payment to be received. Projects will only be undertaken if fair compensation can be received for the effort expended. Long term contracts will require partial payment up front. In return, LEM personnel and its sub-contractors will prepare for each project thoroughly, bringing fresh ideas to the process and innovative ways of facilitating the process.

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