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Who we are

Welcome to Leading Edge Mentoring

Susan RadwanLeading Edge Mentoring (LEM) is a consulting firm dedicated to managing and monitoring accountability in leadership, governance and management. Leading Edge Mentoring is operated by Susan S. Radwan, MEd, CAE, SMP, ARM. Radwan has been affiliated with the insurance industry since 1977 and the non-profit association industry since 1986.

Leading Edge Mentoring is a recognized consulting firm in leadership and governance process. LEM's primary clientele are Boards who wish to create accountability in their process or who desire to create rationality in their governance.  The services available to clientele generally consist of short term contact with some follow up assessment or regrouping after the primary presentation.

Radwan's work with non-profit organizations includes strategic planning facilitation, staff and board development retreats and workshops, and Board coaching in the practice of Policy Governance®. She also facilitates the CAE On-Line Exam Prep program for association executives around the world.

Leading Edge Mentoring has four areas of focus:

  1. Policy Governance® education, implementation and Board coaching.
  2. Strategic Management and Strategic Planning from a systems perspective.
  3. Facilitation of crucial conversations to the future of organizations, including visioning and conflict resolution.
  4. Facilitation of workshops in areas of leadership and boardsmanship.

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What we do


Leading Edge Mentoring takes a stand for accountable, value-added organizational leadership:


The Leading Edge Mentoring mission is to make a difference in the impact of client organizations on civil society and within professions and industries. LEM provides tools and processes to enhance leadership and accountability at the Board, CEO and Senior Management levels. The end result is to shift the success measurements from activity results to real impacts that advance the cause of the organization.


Leading Edge Mentoring is a sought after resource, hired to shepherd an effective change process in individuals and organizations through motivating, mentoring, and monitoring people and their accountability to a process.


The values and principles upon which LEM services are provided are based on win/win relationships with clients where both parties are invested in the vision of success, meaningful change, and the cause of personal and organizational leadership. We will hold true to the values of win/win in terms of work to be done and payment to be received. Projects will only be undertaken if fair compensation can be received for the effort expended. Long term contracts will require partial payment up front. In return, LEM personnel and its sub-contractors will prepare for each project thoroughly, bringing fresh ideas to the process and innovative ways of facilitating the process.

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How we work


Radwan believes there is great synergy in collaboration. As such, LEM is involved in five significant collaborative efforts:


Partners in Policy GovernancePartners in Policy Governance is a collaborative effort with Eric Craymer of Growth Management Consulting. Our Global End is: a supported community of Policy Governance® users. To that end, we offer seminars for the public, user groups for Policy Governance practitioners, board retreats and orientations focused on Policy Governance sustainability and model-compliant practices.

Website: Partners in Policy Governance (

Website: Growth Management Consulting


The CAE Exam Preparation Program is a collaborative effort between the Michigan Society of Association Executives (MSAE) offering three different products, all geared to preparing association executives who are pursuing the designation of Certified Association Executive (CAE).   The products include two online courses and one classroom program, each offered twice annually.  The collaboration also published a study guide that was used by Allied Societies around the US.   It is believed that this collaboration directly prepares at least 1/3 of the candidates entering the rank of CAE. 

In addition to the collaboration with MSAE on the CAE study program, Radwan and MSAE have collaborated on projects in the country of Jordan in fulfillment of USAID grants, as well as in the creation of The Association Connection, MSAE's webcast on-demand series. The webcasts cover 20 topics geared to association executives and support staff, suppliers to associations, and board members.

The webcasts are available at or call (517) 332-6723 for more information.


Consulting Specialty: Policy Governance®

Policy Governance® is a systems-driven approach to governing organizations.   This technology for governing at the board level  offers a comprehensive and coherent whole system perspective.   Designed by John Carver, this hands-on operating system for Boards is applicable to the corporate, public sector, and not-for-profit communities.  The model empowers Boards to bring an effective values-added role to the organization.

Policy Governance® is more than a structure. It is an integrated model of principles, philosophy, structure and process. The governing style of a Policy Governance board is best described in the following broad policy, entitled Governing Style:

"The board will govern with an emphasis on (a) outward vision rather than an internal preoccupation, (b) encouragement of diversity in viewpoints, (c) strategic leadership more than administrative detail, (d) clear distinction of board and chief executive roles, (e) collective rather than individual decisions, (f) future rather than past or present, and (g) proactivity rather than reactivity.

On any issue, the Board must insure that all divergent views are considered in making decisions, yet must resolve into a single organizational position.

Features of the Model:

The philosophical bases for the model:

The Process of Policy Governance:

Policy Governance® is the service mark of John and Miriam Carver. The authoritative website for Policy Governance® is

Partners in Policy Governance

Susan Radwan is a 1999 graduate of the Policy Governance® Academy. She partners with consultant Eric Craymer of Growth Management Consulting, Inc. of East Lansing, Michigan, doing business as Partners in Policy Governance® (PPG). This partnership was formed create a coordinated support system for Policy Governance practitioners.  Radwan holds a fondness for Board work and connection while Craymer has a particular affinity for the operational implementation of Policy Governance. When Radwan and Craymer combine their talents, a synergy occurs in the client’s implementation of Policy Governance.  All efforts are aligned and each entity has access to their own consultant. Visit the Partners in Policy Governance website at

Recent LEM Workshop and Conference Topics

Policy Governance® Specific Topics:

General Governance Topics:

Other Topics:

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Our Services

Strategic Planning Services for the Not-for-Profit Association

Boards that attend to vision are more certain
to address that which has enduring importance.

John Carver

If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there, but if you want to maximize the impact of your association on its industry, you need a focused approach, a road map and accountability in the vision. Using a Systems Thinking Approach™, Sue Radwan will work with you to develop your plan using a five step Systems Model, described below.  The finished plan will include timelines, delegation and how to evaluate progress and success. A unique aspect of Leading Edge facilitation is that the Board focuses on Governance and Leadership concerns and considers how the committee structure can bring a value-added role to the initiatives. As a result, the Board reviews the governance role as well as the means of the association. Support services available include member survey construction. The final report, of course, is prepared by Leading Edge Mentoring.

More on the Systems Thinking Approach® to planning

The Systems Thinking Approach™ , developed by the Haines Centre for Strategic Management, has as its core a deceptively simple but profound five-step Systems Model that helps leaders collaborate with key stakeholders to identify the best direction for their organization and then lead consistently in that direction.  The five steps are: Phase A: Desired Future State – identifying shared outcomes that take both practical reality and best possible results into account; Phase B: Key Success Measures – desired outcomes are quantified as mutually agreed-upon measures, so all essential parties define “success” in the same ways and can agree on the evaluation of results; Phase C: Current State Assessment – while many ‘strategic planners’ start with this phase, it actually only makes sense in relation to your desired outcomes – What strengths, weaknesses, resources, challenges, etc. do we have to achieve our stated vision?; Phase D: Closing the Gap – developing Core Strategies and action plans, and taking effective action to implement them fully, ensuring staff buy-in and stay-in over time; and Phase E: Future Environment Scanning – an on-going system to help leaders keep tabs on important trends and developments, determine which ones require action, and take action before they become problems. Such actions are integrated into the systems view of the organization, rather than representing divergence from the clear direction. 

The ABCDE Systems Model is supported by clear processes and practices for each step, including a Parallel Involvement Process for key stakeholders throughout the performance-based management process.  For example, we provide methods to help leaders gather feedback and input from key stakeholder groups, derive priorities and meaning from the data, reinforce employee engagement and the value of their contributions, and still retain final decision-making power.

Elected Leader Education

Dreaming is not only permissible for leaders, it is obligatory.
Yet Board members lose their vision as they tend to operational issues.

John Carver

Ultimately, the board is responsible for its own development, its own job design, its own discipline, and its own performance. But nothing changes if nothing changes. Shifting the attention of the Board is a process which takes training and consistent focus of the organization's leadership. Leading Edge Mentoring can provide the third party voice which helps the Board to realize its proper role as the moral trustees of their industry, focused on broad strategic direction and connection to the community membership.

Elected Leader Education content might include:

  • The Nature of Associations
  • Roles & Responsibilities of the Board
  • Aligning the Board and Committee Communication
  • Introduction to Policy Governance®
  • Enhancing the Board's Group Process
  • Team Building
  • Skills to Govern


Here are some testimonials from recent attendees of Sue's workshops and clients:

  • I have been thinking about you so much over the past couple weeks….thinking about what an awesome job you did ...Everyone I have talked to had only glowing remarks about how well you facilitated the planning session. Then... I saw the documents you produced from the weekend and I was even further amazed! FANA has utilized several other strategic planners over the years and you have totally eclipsed all of them! Tina Kautter, KMP Management Company, Altamonte Springs, Florida
  • Sue is inspiring.  She knows her stuff.  I try to catch every class she leads!
  • Sue is always enlightening and I always come away from a 'Sue Class' enriched and better for spending time in her presence.
  • Relaxed and interesting speaker.
  • I like how Susan found out a little about us prior to the workshop so that she could address the different issues that the majority of us were facing.
  • Sue was excellent.  Her information was presented in a concise, thorough and understandable manner.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, a good comment collector and redirector.
  • A good orator
  • Forward thinker
  • Sue, this is a chance to say that knowing you and the commitment that you have for your work and efforts to make a change, as if it was your home, is very inspiring and provides faith that the future carries better life to us all, even across the continents. Randa Muasher, Amman, Jordan
  • We wanted you to know how pleased we were with your presentation last evening.  You did a great job with your overview of policy governance and linking it to the Girl Scout documents!  I was very impressed! 
  • "thanks for your excellent coaching.  This is the most rigorous thing I've done in years and your support and tips really serve as guideposts."
  • I thank you for your work on this project.  I continue to get very positive reviews from our members.  It was a home run.”
    Mark Light, CEO, International Association of Fire Chiefs
  • Sue, you really opened my eyes to a new way of looking at organizations and strategic planning-thank you for a terrific experience”.
    Elise Lovell, MD
  • I want to thank you for your exceptional work in a short amount of time.  What is particularly impressive is your ability to understand the organization and then find solutions.
    All of which are wonderfully organized. My applause to you. You may take as many bows as you wish because they are well deserving”. 
    Barbara Banisikowski Smith, Artistic Director, Greater Lansing Ballet Company
  • Your presentation on Knowledge Management was a WOW!!! Your depth of knowledge and enthusiasm was enthralling to me—could have listened for hours!”
     Jayne Fifer, Volusia Manufacturing Association
  • Sue has served as the chair of the St. Michael Pastoral Council for the last 4 years.  During that time she has exhibited exemplary leadership, helping our council to have much more productive meetings.  She has provided a very workable structure to our agenda that has been invaluable to the Executive Committee in keeping our meetings focused on our mission and purpose.  I am very grateful for her service.“
    Father Jim Eisele, Pastor, St. Michael Parish Grand Ledge, MI

Policy Governance Consulting

  • Is your Board confused about what its job really is?
  • Has your Board lost sight of its duty to the membership?
  • Is your Board stuck in operations and micromanagement?
  • Are the structural boundaries of your organization caving in or nonexistent?
  • Is the energy of your Board stagnant?
  • Do you ever think there just has to be a better way?

If you answered "yes" to any or all of the questions above, Policy Governance® just may be the answer you are seeking. Attend an "Intro to Policy Governance®" session with key Board people to evaluate if there is something in the model for you to explore further. Contact Sue Radwan at (517) 256-4786 for current dates and locations. If your Board is already a Policy Governance® Board, consider Leading Edge services to help educate and maintain the board's focus on responsible and rational governance. Policy audit, Ends facilitation, Board assessment and Board coaching services are available.

Other Services Available

  • Professional Educational Curriculum Design
  • Distance Education Course Design
  • Facilitation of Community Dialogue
  • Vision Facilitation
  • Team Building
  • Coaching the Public Speaker
  • Coaching the Board in Effective Group Process
  • Style Analysis Profiling

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Ph. 517-256-4786


Current and Recent Projects

American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA): Radwan has supported governance efforts for state affiliates of the AANA since 2010. From governance workshops to strategic planning to board interventions, Radwan has had a long and trusted relationship with this national organization.

Nevada Association of Nurse Anesthetists (NVANA): Since 2019, Radwan currently serves as their association manager, advising the Board as well as supporting the management needs of the organization.  The end game is to create strength in advocacy and connect the membership community with the organization. 

American Society of Association Executives (ASAE): Radwan was tapped for a second time to serve as Executive Editor of the Professional Practices in Association Management, 4th edition, which was released in April 2021.

Association for Strategic Planning (ASP):  Efforts here are volunteer.  Radwan currently serves on the Board of Directors for the organization and chairs the Certification Commission which recently completed a Job Analysis.  The results of that research require a significant shift in the certification program which is being led by Radwan. 

Capacity Canada: Radwan developed a 10 course, 49 module course of study designed to prepare young professionals to serve on boards of directors.  The series, titled The Modern Board, focuses on governing from the "helicopter view".  The Essentials of Governing Series includes roles and responsibilities in not-for-profit organizations, how to prepare for board meetings, how to participate in board meetings and developing your personal power at the board table.   The Advanced Governance Series addresses more complex topics such as strategic planning, evaluating a CEO, searching for a CEO, creating organizational collaborations and serving as a board chair.  Each module contains a video, supplemental materials and journaling.  An optional quiz at the end of each course, qualifies participants to receive a digital badge that can be added to a Linked In profile.

Michigan Society of Association Executives (MSAE): Radwan is the lead figure in MSAE's CAE Exam Prep Program.  She teaches the curriculum for three different course types, a 16 week version, a 12 week version and an onsite version.  In support of this effort, Radwan has created several videos to support the learning of the CAE candidates including Systems Thinking & the CAE, More on Systems Thinking, and four videos on Test-Taking Tips.  The virtual courses include weekly calls, practice exams, video and audial supports to keep our CAE Candidates on track to pass the exam offered twice annually.

Partners in Policy Governance: Radwan with partner Eric Craymer have authored Governing by Principles: A Method to Unleash the Power of Policy Governance, © 2020, available through and The book focuses on assisting the reader to fully understand the foundational principles of the Policy Governance model, initially designed by John Carver. 

PG Bootcamp: Partners in Policy Governance host a PG Bootcamp twice annually to teach this content in an interactive two day workshop. 

Recent Board Governance Coaching Clients:

  • Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA): 2018-2021
  • National Dental Hygienists Certification Board (NDHCB): 2018-2021

Governance Education Clients:

  • County Road Association of Michigan (Member Education)
  • Home Builders Association of Michigan (Leadership Education)
  • Foundations Church – Loveland, Colorado
  • Marquette Food-Coop (Board Education)
  • Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards (Leadership Education)
  • Michigan Energy Options (Board Education)
  • Michigan Library Association (Leadership Education)
  • Michigan Potato Industry Commission (Commission Education)
  • Michigan Society of Association Executives (Member Education)
  • Michigan Townships Association (Board and Member Education)
  • Michigan Water Environment Association

Strategic Planning Clients:

  • Cookware Manufacturers Association
  • Illinois Library Association
  • Michigan Brewers Guild
  • Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners
  • Michigan Veterinary Medical Association
  • New Jersey Association of Nurse Anesthetists

Curriculum Development and Instruction

  • Township Governance Academy (TGA), sponsored by the Michigan Townships Association, a multi-course certificate program geared to elected township officials with content in boardsmanship and fundamental concepts in local governance.
  • New Employee Series, owned by Managing Education Resource Group (MERG), sponsored by 18 insurance agent associations around the United States, addressing property/casualty concepts and customer service.
  • CAE Exam Prep Online, sponsored by the Michigan Society of Association Executives, with students from all segments of the association management field, a 16 week study course involving sample exams, online discussions, and structured study to prepare for the CAE Certification Exam.
  • CAE CRAM Session, sponsored by the Michigan Society of Association Executives, a 2 ½ day intense and comprehensive review in preparation for the CAE Certification Exam, offered three-four times per year with locations in Baltimore, MD and Schaumburg, IL.
  • How to Be an Extraordinary Board, a one-day event for board members, sponsored by the Michigan Society of Association Executives.
  • The Modern Board, sponsored by Capacity Canada, a 10 course, 49 module series of essential and advanced education in Board governance.
  • PG Bootcamp, sponsored by Partners in Policy Governance®, offered twice annually in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Online Education - Developed by Sue Radwan

Self-Managed Mentoring - a self-study, web-based course, located at

Reflective Human Action - computer-mediated, self-study or faculty-facilitated, web-based course, located at

New Employee Series for Property - Casualty Insurance Agencies, including:

    • New Employee Orientation for Insurance Agency Personnel
    • Delivering Quality Service to the Customer and the Employer
    • Personal Lines Coverage Basics
    • Commercial Lines Coverage Basics

      All courses in the series are computer-mediated, faculty-facilitated courses, and available at

    Courses are delivered via the Managing Education Resource Group (MERG), in conjunction with marketing partners located around the country. Marketing partners include affiliates of the Professional Insurance Agents and the Independent Insurance Agents of America.

CAE Exam Preparation - owned by the Michigan Society of Association Executives

A 16 week program, reviewing the recommended readings, the nine domains of knowledge as determined by the CAE Commission, case scenarios, quizzes, sample exams, a library of supplementary reading, and an exam bank created by participating students.

The Leader in You & Marketing Your School – owned by the Michigan Institute for Educational Management. These courses are the on-line offerings of a professional development certification called SAPC-the School Administrators Professional Certification.

Board Governance: An Overview; Selecting a Board Model and Governance System; Recruitment, Election and Orientation of New Directors – owned by Credit Union Executives Society (CUES). Co-authored with Eric Craymer, these three courses are part of the Director Education Center housed on the CUES website (

The Association Connection, a webcast on-demand series sponsored by the Michigan Society of Association Executives. Series includes 20 titles, 20 hosted and 19 presented by Radwan (

The Modern Board Series, sponsored by Capacity Canada, hosted by Conestoga College, Ontario Canada.  The total curriculum includes 10 courses and 49 modules included journaling, videos, articles to read and tools to use. 


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About Susan S. Radwan, MEd, CAE, SMP, ARM

Susan S. Radwan, MEd, CAE, SMP, ARM

Since 1996, Susan S. Radwan has owned and operated Leading Edge Mentoring, a consulting firm which specializes in governance and leadership issues. Radwan's work focuses on the structure and process which impacts effective growth of individuals and organizations.

Susan has a rich history of experience in the fields of insurance, education, strategy development, non-profit associations and consulting.   Radwan considers her professional home in the association industry where she has served as a teacher, facilitator, and executive staff person.

She obtained a Master's degree in Education (1977) from the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts (1974) from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and professional certifications in association management, risk management, certification, systems thinking, strategic planning, among others. 

In her work, Radwan applies her Master's Degree in Education as well as perspectives and skills learned in pursuit of her many designations.  She most recently became a Governance Systems Professional-Fellow.  The GSP designation recognizes knowledgeable governance professionals who adhere to a code of ethics and commit to ongoing professional development.

Radwan has a reputation for "walking with" her clients which has gained her a reputation known as the "wow of Sue".  She brings passion, clarity and insight to her consulting and teaching. She has an acute ear for whether clients are grasping the nuances of the model. 

Radwan is a life-long Michigan resident.  She grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, went to college in Grand Rapids, taught junior high students in Bay City, and experienced the rest of her career based in Lansing.  She currently resides in Grand Ledge, Michigan with her husband Fayez.  She has three grandchildren who live a short nine miles away with her son-in-law and daughter who is a very successful REMAX real estate agent.

©2021 Leading Edge Mentoring
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Work Experience

1974-1980 - Teacher, Jr. High, St. Thomas Aquinas, East Lansing, Michigan (1977-1980), Holy Rosary Academy, Bay City, Michigan (1974-1977). Focus: English Literature, Grammar & Composition
1980-1984 - Stratton-Cheeseman Management Company, Medical Malpractice and General Insurance Field Sales
1984-1985 - Maternity Leave
1985-1986 - The Bishop Company, Technical Writing Support & Marketing Specialist
1986-1987 - Michigan Association of Insurance Companies, Communications Director
1987-1996 - Professional Insurance Agents of Michigan/Michigan Association of Insurance Agents (a consolidated organization), representing independent property & casualty insurance agents. Position: Education Director/#2 Executive from 1987-1991, Sr. Vice President for Professional Development from 1991-1996 for merged organization.
1997-1998 - SIAA-Midwest Regional President, Satellite Insurance Agency Alliance, developing an alternative distribution system for insurance in the region.
1996-Current - Owner, Leading Edge Mentoring, building capacity in governance, leadership and management
1996 - Partner, Managing Education Resource Group, President of the Insurance Division
2003-Current - Partner, Partners in Policy Governance, a collaboration to support Policy Governance practitioners.
2010-2012 - CEO, International Policy Governance Association (volunteer role)
2019-Current - Association Manager, Nevada Association of Nurse Anesthetists (parttime position)
2021 - President, Association for Strategic Planning (volunteer role)

Academic & Professional Education

1974 - Bachelor of Arts, Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan Major: Communication Arts, Minor: English and Education
1977 - Masters in Education in Individualized Instruction, College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, Minnesota
1981 - Certified Insurance Counselor, Society of Certified Insurance Counselors
1991 - Associate in Risk Management, Insurance Institute of America
1991 - Certified Association Executive, American Society of Association Executives (mastery of knowledge in 13 areas of association management)
1994-Current - Re-certified CAE
1999 - Participant, Policy Governance® Academy, Carver Governance Design
2006 - Certification for Spiral Dynamics, Levels I & II
2007 - Advanced Workshop in Policy Governance®, Carver Governance Design
2010 - Strategic Management Gold Mastery Certification, Haines Centre for Strategic Management
2011-Current - Strategic Management Professional designation, awarded by the Association of Strategic Planning, demonstrating mastery level knowledge and core competencies in the Strategic Planning industry at the highest level. 
2016 - Certified as a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, awarded by TTI Success Insights.
2016 - Certified as a Certification Specialist credential awarded by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.

Current Membership

  • Church of St. Michael, Grand Ledge, Michigan, Choir accompanist
  • Govern for Impact, member.  Formerly known as International Policy Governance Association, (IPGA) Board member 2005-2010, CEO 2010-2012
  • Michigan Society of Association Executives (MSAE), Faculty member
  • American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)
  • Association for Strategic Planning (ASP), Board member, 2013-Current Co-Chair Non-Profit Center for Excellence Conference Co-Chair 2014, 2015 New Business Model facilitator & 2016 Chair of Certification Operations Committee


  • Janice Laureen Award for Outstanding Service to ASP 2019
  • The 2015 Governor's Awards for Innovative Tourism Collaboration for the Northwest Michigan Wine Tasting Room Training Program in the category of Education & Training.  (co-recipient)
  • Janice Laureen Award for Outstanding Service to ASP 2013-14
  • MSAE Diamond Award, Supplier/Partner Personal Award, in recognition of exemplary service and support to the not-for-profit professional and to MSAE, September, 2003.
  • MSAE Chairman's Gavel Award, presented by Jim Barrett, CEO of Michigan Chamber of Commerce, for dedicated service to the profession proven by advancing the ideals and aspirations of the Chairman of the Board, July, 2001.
  • 2001 Woman of the Year, ABWA Seven Islands Charter Chapter, January 2001

Special Interests

  • Vocal and keyboard music

Published Work (2004-current)

  • 2021 Associations Now Board Brief: Leading Together, pages 17-18, article published by ASAE.
  • 2020 Modern Board Essentials and Modern Board Advanced Course, sponsored by Capacity Canada and hosted by Conestoga College based in Ontario, Canada.
  • 2020  Professional Practices in Association Management, 4th edition, a publication of ASAE.  Role: Executive Managing Editor
  • 2020 Governing by Principles, a Proven Method to Unleash the Power of Policy Governance, published by PPG Press, © 2020
  • 2016 Rethinking Leadership Succession, Association Impactpublished by MSAE
  • 2015 A Handbook of Professional Practices in Association Management, 3rd Edition, a joint publication of Wiley & Sons and ASAE, ©2015 Role: Executive Managing Editor & Contributing Author
  • 2015 Governance Modes for High Performing BoardsAssociation Impact, published by MSAE, Issue 6
  • 2014 Wine Tasting Room Server Handbook, Trainer's Guide and Video Series, © 2014 owned by Network Northwest
  • 2014 What CSEs Really Need to KnowAssociation Impact, published by MSAE, Issue 2
  • 2014  Executive Sessions, Association Impact, published by MSAE, Issue 6
  • 2012, Associations as Knowledge Managers Association Impact, published by MSAE
  • 2011, How to Develop an Extraordinary Chairman of Your Board Association Impact, published by MSAE
  • ©2011, Effective Governance, article and assessment tool, co-authored with Karl Sommers, published by Haines Centre for Strategic Management. 
  • ©2011,  Taking a Whole System Approach to Adopting Policy Governance, Board Leadership, ©Wiley Periodicals, Inc., Number 108, Mar-Apr 2010
  • ©2011   The Bellman Handbook, Leading Edge Mentoring (US Publication)

©2021 Leading Edge Mentoring
Ph. 517-256-4786